Lifesaving sports was primarily intended to encourage lifesavers to develop, maintain and improve the essential physical and mental skills needed to save lives in the aquatic environment.
Lifesaving sport is the only sport whose skills are first learned for humanitarian purposes. Through lifesaving sports, the Lifesaving Sports Federation of India seeks to engage and inspire everyone in our drowning prevention mission.
Lifesaving competitions consist of a variety of competitions to further develop and demonstrate lifesaving skills, fitness and motivation.
It is played in a Swimming Pool,Beach or Ocean.
Core objectives:
🔵To support the drowning prevention work of the Indian Lifesaving Community and  its humanitarian mission through the guidelines of the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) and lead the effort to reduce injury and death in, on, or around the water with the entire LSFI team and member organisations in India.
🔵To work at the grass root level for Lifesaving Sports development through athlete talent scouting, lifesaving skills training and, lifesaving sport development.
🔵To provide opportunities for athletes, coaches and officials to learn, experience and participate in the lifesaving sports from developmental to high performance levels.
🔵To position the Lifesaving Sports Federation of India internationally as a leader in lifesaving sports.
🔵Endeavour LSFI efforts for the pursuit of the ILS motto “be fit to save a life”.
🔵To function as not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation composed of national, state, district level lawfully incorporated associations & units or its dedicated active officials that are not-for-profit, non-governmental lifesaving organisations as LSFI members.